Commercial And Non-Profit Organizations

Oak Grove offers management, leadership, and technical solutions tailored to the specific needs of commercial and non-profit clients. We help clients succeed with solutions the address the complex issues these industries face.

Our Clients

Adventist HealthCare
The Locker Companies
Knowledge Bridge International
Digital Signal Corporation
Green Beret Foundation
Wise Global Group
Zinkin Entertainment


We focus on the challenges medical professional face to meet the needs of their patients and enhance initiatives such as evidence-based practice, influencing health care delivery and documentation requirements.

As health care providers and hospitals transition to new electronic health records (EHR) systems, Oak Grove is delivering innovative training and education for the thousands of healthcare professionals who have to learn how to use these new systems. We offer a custom solution to help ensure a successful EHR implementation. We have worked closely with all of the major departments within a typical hospital and experts in a variety of fields related to patient care and clinician education which lead to an understanding of how each department uses an EHR. We also understand the deployment of enterprise systems from an IT perspective. The interactive multimedia training we have developed to support the advancement of health care includes:

Medical Exams and Care
Diabetes Care and Management
Suicide Risk Prevention for Clinicians
Teleretinal Imaging
Disability Rating Exams
Software Training
Electronic Medical Records
Echocardiography Information Management System
Soft Skills Training
Clinician-Patient Communication
Patient-Centered Customer Care
Customer Service Basic Skills
Mental Health Reentry

To further support the health care community, we develop products to aid in disease management by harnessing the power of technology and multimedia to develop ways to increase patient engagement and awareness. We tailor all solutions to fit the needs of the target audience. We promote awareness through education, training, website design, and marketing videos. We design innovative learning solutions to meet the training needs – in-class, online, or blended – of any organization. We use strategic messaging and creative branding to get the message out about your products and services. Our multimedia designers use cutting-edge technology to design and build promotional materials for print, web, and video.

Oak Grove embraces mobile technology and its role in revolutionizing the way we live our lives. We develop applications for a variety of platforms to enable sharing and communication of your message.  We also optimize traditional website information to be accessed via a mobile device.