Director Of Special Operations Programs Attends Spec Ops Warfighter East Expo

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Fayetteville, NC - Director of Special Operations Programs, Jack Zeigler, attended Spec Ops Warfighter East Expo 2010 last week at the Crown Expo Center. The Expo was held April 12-16, and was conducted simultaneously with the annual Special Forces Symposium.

Spec Ops Warfigther Expo gives government and military personnel and defense industry the opportunity to view and participate in product demonstrations, gain hands-on exposure to products reviewed online and in industry publications, and, of course, keep up with industry trends. Attendees of this event also had the opportunity to explore the latest in products and services promoting warfighting effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability, utility, and mobility of special operations forces, as well as other emerging technologies. The goal is to increase mission effectiveness in our Nation’s forces. Spec Ops 2010 provides a great venue for scientists, operators and manufactures to get together in one place to share the most up to date technology, tactics and strategies supporting the warfare.

Mr. Zeigler reflected on high points of the week. “On Monday, attendees were treated to a day at Camp Mackall where field training is conducted in support of the Special Forces Qualification Course. On Tuesday, Major General Thomas Csrnko, Commanding General at the USAJFK Special Warfare Center and School, briefed attendees on the State of the Center and School, highlighting changes in the training strategies and curriculum over the past 12 months. Several Special Forces Operational Detachments provided vignettes on operational challenges and lessons learned during deployments in support of OIF and OEF. A formal Dinner was conducted on Thursday, and the new 1st Special Forces Regimental leadership appointees were announced. The week culminated with a SFQC graduation and Special Forces Association Golf Tournament. This year’s Expo and Symposium were definitely a success and I look forward to pursuing Oak Grove’s involvement in the Special Operations community further.”

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