President And CEO Of Oak Grove Technologies Interviews Live On "Build Your Business" Radio Show

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

President and CEO of Oak Grove Technologies, Mark Gross, was interviewed live on "Build Your Business" radio show on March 10th. 

Hosts Barbara Weltman and Troy Janisch conducted a 10-minute interview with Mr. Gross regarding his experiences owning and operating a Veteran-Owned Small Business. Mr. Gross discussed the path he took which led to starting his own business.

Prior to founding Oak Grove, he served three years in the United States Army, graduated from Catholic University in Washington, DC, and then continued his public service under the DoJ Honors Program in 1991 with the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division. Gross spent several years working both in the government and commercial sectors.

With the industry knowledge he obtained combined with his military experience, Gross founded Oak Grove Technologies at the kitchen table of his own home. As Oak Grove approaches its 5 year anniversary this April, the company has grown to 120+ employees which is equivalent to a 300% growth rate. Oak Grove has achieved many notable accomplishments and numerous awards to include the 2007 Nunn Perry Award and the first SDVO awarded under the DoD Mentor-Protege Program. 

Gross also discussed his belief in the importance and value of teamwork. Gross has built a strong team of employees, which includes the former Sergeant Major of the Army as well as the former Commander of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

"It was wonderful to do this live interview about topics I am extremely passionate about", said Gross. "Oak Grove looks forward to many more years as a successful SDVOSB and helping other companies to experience such successes as well."

About Oak Grove

Throughout the Armed Forces, across federal government agencies, in Law Enforcement, healthcare and beyond our expert staff is delivering results-oriented solutions that are changing the way people live and work for the better.

Our full suite of instructional services includes tactical field training and web-based and mobile learning solutions to prepare teams to successfully execute any mission. We specialize in language, regional expertise, and culture services, and develop truly immersive cultural environments and training programs. We deliver expert intelligence services to support the warfighter, and empower people and their message through strategic communications and information technology services.

Oak Grove mentors owners of veteran small businesses and sponsors special events that honor and aid our veteran community. Additionally, over 75% of our employees have served in the military. Our Service Continues...